Loss of husband and pet

Having lost my husband only 6 weeks ago I am now faced with the possible loss of my beloved cat as well who has been diagnosed as possibly having a lymphoma . She is having a scan next week and I may have to decide to have her put to sleep at the same time. This is making me feel desperately lonely as I have lost the one person who would understand how I’m feeling now and be able to offer comfort. How can life be so cruel?

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Hi life is cruel sorry your your loss. I hope your cat will be ok I have a dog after 3 weeks of my husband passing the dog splintered her disc it wasn’t looking good but after 3 months she is ok x

You are still very very raw from your tragic loss and the upset of your loved pets possible problem will be almost too much on top to bear , but we do cope because we have no choice , often it seems that tragedy is all around when we experience one event after another, time will eventually help make some sort of sense to your grief but it’s a very hard journey to make

Hi. Casimira3. Welcome to the site. Good to have you here, and you will find many caring and understanding folk on here.
Yes, life can be and is cruel. But life is entirely neutral. Things happen over which we have very little if any control. Our pets so often give comfort, and now you are facing a possible double blow. Very few understand grief and unless they have been there how could they? If you feel the need to unload you can do it here without any thought of judgement or criticism. God knows, we all understand only too well. Blessings and take care. John.

Dear @Casimira3 I am so sad to read your post. My darling husband died 10 weeks ago and my cat Jennie has been such a comfort to me. It must be devastating for you to find your beloved cat is so unwell. I can only say I would be broken even more if my Jennie was to become ill right now. She is 14 years old and our other cats did not live beyond 13. I do know that I could never be without a cat again. John and I said the house seemed empty after our previous cat Charlie died. I do hope there will be some good news next week and that she may be able to stay with and comfort you for a little longer. I will be thinking about you and please let us know how you get on at the vets. Sending you a big hug and your cat and tummy rub. xx

I am so sorry about your husband and cat. Losing your husband is a terrible thing to happen to you, and the last thing you need is the loss of your cat. I once went 6 months without being able to stroke or feed a cat after I had to leave the cat I loved, it can be a devastating loss that a lot of people do not appreciate.

Casimira, hoping for a good outcome for your beloved cat. It is so very soon after your husband died. Thinking of you.

I am sending you so much love, I lost my beloved husband and my beautiful German Shepherd in the same week, Greta my dog on the Monday and my darling husband on the Saturday after. My husband was so upset coz he was too ill to comfort me on the death of Greta. I don’t know how but I am still surviving and you will too sweetheart. One minute at a time, one day at a time. xx