Loss of husband

Lost my husband 3 months ago finding it so hard some days it’s his birthday today. He had cancer and I am having treatment myself. Life is lonely got good family and friends but I still feel alone

You’re not alone. I know what you mean - I went to a 50th birthday party last weekend and I felt very alone even though there was 50 or more people there. It’s very painful to be amongst other couples, I envy them and even begrudge them having each other. It was a whole 15 months yesterday since I lost my wonderful husband very suddenly. I still cry although it has got less but the pain never leaves me. It doesn’t get any better, we just get better at it. The future that should have been ours has been taken away. Like you I have good family and friends and for that I’m grateful but nothing takes the pain away. Distraction helps. I keep busy, carrying on with projects around the house which we’d planned together. I go out to work, another thing I’m grateful for. This forum also is a massive help, just to be able to talk to others who actually know how I’m feeling and to know that I’m not alone on this nightmare of a journey. Much love to you and a big hug. Xx