Loss of husband.

I am feel really bad today again? I lost my husband in May this year I have never been on my own never been alone like I am now? It is getting worse instead of better? I go out daily I cannot stay in. I have joined tai chi. Line dancing anything to get me out? I don’t want to cook for myself or even eat unless someone is with me? I don’t like this life or want this life without my husband John? Why have I been left on earth at my time of life to make a new life? I cannot do it?

I think I’m beginning to understand that the longer it goes the worse it gets. It will be 10 weeks on Sunday for me. I remember when my father died I didn’t really understand why she was always out. She told me she lived a half- life and now I understand what she meant. She was incomplete and so am I now.

Oops. She being my mother. She managed to exist for 16 more years. My wife was only 65 when she died.

Hi sorry for your loss I lost my partner suddenly in May to a heart attack he was only 48 I am only 50 I have 2 sons and family and friends but I still feel lonely I want my old life back I don’t like my new life I feel cheated.
Christine x

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