Loss of husband

It’s been 10 months since I lost my husband. It still feels like yesterday. I have two wonderful teenage children. But I find every day so so hard and lonely. The responsibility of life all on my shoulders.

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Im so very sorry for your loss I know how your feeling im 17 weeks into this nightmare after losing my husband suddenly at christmas Still cant believe seeing him pass in front of my so and me He would be so angry with himself for putting us through this as he took charge of everything that ws crap with life I know im struggling aswell with daily things having to be done now lucky my grown up son still staying with me but he’ll soon start his life again ( as he should) and im feeling so lost after being with husband since 15yrs and now 55 Its so cruel life my husband ws looking forward to retirement soon and moving abroad where he suddenly passed after us arriving there hrs before He ws only 57yrs We just have to try our best which is very hard and sometimes don’t know what for anymore Please just try and look after yourself as i keep getting told


I am sorry you feel like you do,You are still grieving and what you are feeling right now is normal .I lost my husband January this year ,and i miss my husband every single day.Try and be strong for your two teenage children ,they must be a big help to you at this time .Hope this helps.


I feel for your loss.my husband passed just six months ago after almost 48 years of marriage…it is still so raw and I try to keep busy but it’s there at the back of everything I do…I am without the man I love it’s hard to think I will never hold him ever again