Loss of husband

Its been 8 weeks and the last few have been the worst i miss him terribly, ive yet to have his ashes laid to rest which i need to sort out , i am so lonely , and feel as though friends and family have moved on , no phone calls or invites for coffee , or they dont answer the door or say to come round then cry off , theres no clubs or anything to join . Daughter using alcohol as a crutch oblivious she has a problem , youngest son struggling with mental health and drink and i think drugs too eldest son busy with work n golf n family
I am at a loss


I’m so sorry that you are feeling lonely. Take baby steps and each day as it comes. I still have my husbands ashes at home, and I am on month 10. I have a plot with a headstone, but my kids can’t agree on a date that fits them all to get together. Have you asked your GP if any local bereavement groups in your area or see if any advertised at the local library.
What area do you live incase someone on the group lives in the area and goes to anything.
Take care x