Loss of identity

What coping mechanisms helps you? I would like to know how everyone else manages life with the trauma of loss.

Hi. Pam and Welcome. I am sorry to say there are no methods or coping mechanisms as such for grief. Everyone will cope in their own way and own time. It’s such an individual experience. Emotions must be allowed to come. No ‘bottling up’. Having said that, maybe counselling could help. It’s about the only thing that will in the early stages, other than medication from your GP. You are so right, it is a life trauma. If you look at the posts under ‘Losing a Parent’ you may find how others have coped and it may give you a little comfort.
Anxiety often follows, but it’s all a normal part of this awful process of bereavement. Take your time. A day at a time is best. There is that elusive light at the end of the tunnel. You maybe can’t see it now but it’s there. After two years it has got brighter for me. Take care of yourself. John.

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