Loss of Mom and Nan

Hi, I lost my mom 2 years ago very tragically and I don’t think I’ve grieved properly, I have a lot of pentup anger and this is affecting my relationship because I’m pushing him away, I also recently lost my nan and my uncle is making things difficult with my nans estate , at this moment in time I’m really struggling with everything that’s going on and feel very lost, hurt and lonely

Hi, oh dear you do sound depressed with it all and when things aren’t going right, they become mountains. It’s a while since your mum had to leave us and I just wondered if you had any counselling? It could help to come to terms with everything that has happened over the past couple of years plus of course we have had this horrible pandemic. It’s certainly made life harder including grieving, so perhaps looking at counselling may be right for you. If you think it could be then Sue Ryder and Cruse both have free sessions, it’s just a thought. Feeling lone and lost are part of grieving so don’t push yourself to much or be hard on yourself, small baby steps. Keep safe. Sxxx

I’m in another support group for depression and that’s helping a bit, also had doctors appointment this morning