Loss of mother

How do I finally accept it’s not my fault

Not sure we ever will, remember my mum trying to explain the loss of her mum, l never understood until l lost her, my world my strength and support. The only one who understood me and loved me warts and all.

It’s been 11 years and it just doesn’t get easier. I can’t talk to people who still have there’s as I resent them and that’s it fair

I totally understand, I feel so deeply it hurts, l am also amazed friends who l thought I could always talk to dont appear to want to to talk, maybe its still to raw for them.

I just don’t think they no exactly how to approach or what to say. I don’t even bother with mine

I lost my mum, my best friend in September and I miss her every day - she is constantly on my mind. I feel guilt as I gave her a sip of water when she was nil by mouth and feel that maybe it was my fault. Realistically I was at her bedside for 3 months every day and fought for her in every way. It’s like I will always question the what ifs but i know my mum would kick me up the backside and tell me to make sure dad is clean and changes his pants and I enjoy life with my children and stop blaming myself x