Loss of mum and dad

Hi everyone I’m new in here and just want to explain what brought me here . Last year I lost both mum and dad to covid with in 1 month and 1 day of each other…I find it very hard to come to terms with not really sure how to deal with this. I have 3 brothers and we’re all in the same boat .we have not been able to grief in the normal way due to the restrictions put on to us all.my dad passed away od covid related issues 7th of June 2020 at 1 in the morning do to having heart problems. That same day my second granddaughter was born in the afternoon. What a day . On the 21st of last year fathers day my mum came to live with us for a while mum had got covid to so see had to be isolated in our bedroom. 23rd of June mum was admitted to Glenfield hospital .breathing difficulties .has the days went on myself and my brothers ringing to see how mum was .that dreaded day came i had a phone call from the Dr to say mum had taken a turn for the worse breathing was more Difficult and had numerous infections in her body .so we was finally able to see our beautiful mum drs told us that she had hours left omg .we lost our dad the month before how the hell can this be happening to us …mum passes away July 8th at 10.35 pm .so you can see now why I need to talk .

Hi Spencer, first of all welcome to the site, you and your brothers have been through an absolutely horrendous time, you are not alone, there has been so many people in the same situation as you are, but that doesn’t help you or your family, there is no easy way of getting through this, you just need to take a day at a time, support each other, and hopefully in time it will become easier, you may find some sort of bereavement counselling would help, Sue Ryder do offer this service and so does Cruse, sending love Jude xx

Sorry I’m using my sons account I’m.the mum and daughter who has lost both parents