Loss of mum

It’s been five months since my mum died suddenly in front of me and just this week it’s hit me so hard, can’t stop thinking about the night she’d died, I just want to cry all the time, I’m more fearful worrying something bad will happen to my dad, is this all normal, people tell me it gets easier but it doesn’t feel like it xxx

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Hey @Ab12 , so sorry for your loss. Its devastating losing a parent at any age. The anxiety about losing yourbdad is a naturalnrwaction to losing one of your parents; you then begin to panic about losing the other. Have you spoken to anyone about your worries?

Hey @PaulK , thank you. It really is devastating. No I’ve not spoke to anyone not sure where I would start xx

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@Ab12 hows your dad coping? Do you have siblings?

@PaulK, he seems to be ok just plodding on, luckily my brother lives with him but I feel awful for my brother, keep thinking c maybe I should sell up and move back home but the keep saying they are ok, think it’s just anxiety I keep letting build up xx

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@Ab12 yeah, maybe its your anxiety as you say. It’s natural to be alightly anxious about losing a parent, especially after losing one. Take the word of your dad and your brother, they seem to be supporting each other. At least your brother is with your dad, he’s not on his own x

@PaulK , thanks your completely right on what you say. Hope you are ok xx

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Hi @Ab12 , I’m ok thanks. The good days far outweight the bad days now. Which in itself is a blessing x

I no longer let my grief consume me as much as it used to after losing my mum
But the one thing I’m dreading is losing my dad then I’ll be truly alone I can’t cope with the thought