Loss of my 2 year old son

I lost my son unexpectedly in Sept 2023. We’ve since found out he had myocarditis - he seemed to have a bit of a cold, then the next day he was gone. It’s just so shocking how suddenly everything changed!

I can’t find the words to describe how devastated and empty I feel. Some days I get through ok (I have 2 other boys to run around after!) and other days, the utter sadness of it affects me so deeply. Today was a hard day, for no reason I could tell - it just exhausted me.

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My heart breaks for you @YoYo78

I’m so sorry about the sudden loss of your dear son. Sending love and a virtual hug.

I just wanted you to know I saw your message and am thinking about you.

Do you have enough support? You may also benefit from counselling if you have PTSD from the shock.

I can’t imagine what you’re going through. Take care. X

@RobBeat08 Thanks so much for your message.

We’re lucky that we have lots of family support nearby and the boys have accessed a local charity to help them deal with everything. My husband and I aren’t really sure what would help but we’ll probably contact one of the organisations our GP suggested.

Take care, thanks again