Loss of my 7 year old son

My little boy passed away 4 years ago on the 13th June, he got diagnosed with stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma on the 5th Nov 2012 aged 4.
I threw myself back into work 6 weeks after he died, I have 2 older boys 20 and 18 and my youngest will be 3 in Dec.
At the moment I am finding life in general pretty tough, everything seems to trigger my emotions and I end up in floods of tears, today has been horrendous. I thought I was doing ok but now not so much.
I have no family, well I do but they have nothing to do with us, my mum and sister walked out on our lives 6 weeks before my son died, my father never calls me or even visits.
I work full time and I love my job and the people (some) I work with. My almost 3 year old keeps me busy also. My husband is my absolute rock.
However I have no friends here, they all walked when my son died. My best friend is 5 hours away. I just feel so lonely and utterly heartbroken.
I feel like I am not on this planet at the moment, I don’t sleep much either. I just feel emotionally and physically drained…
Anyone else feel this way?

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Hi, so sorry to hear this, can’t begin to imagine how it must feel to lose a child. You’re not only grieving for your son but also being abandoned by family & friends. I lost my Mum last December & prior to that 3 very dear friends in a short space of time. I can still feel disconnected from the world & I’ve noticed other friends either avoid you or they don’t mention anything about your bereavements. It feels such a lonely road at times. It’s emotionally & physically exhausting and can only be part of the grief process. I hope you get some comfort from this community. Sending a big hug, be gentle and kind to yourself. It’s ok to feel how you do. Xx

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I have lost a parent
I have lost a friend
I have lost a brother
I have lost a hubby
I have lost a child (miscarriage)
I have lost five people in five months.
I have known pain but to lose a child at such a young age my heart aches for you, this is one loss that would truly kill me, my admiration for your strength cannot be expressed. Take care xx

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I am so sorry for your heart wrenching loss , I lost my brother when I was 14 and I saw the impact this had on my poor mum and dad, both have now passed away too. You will feel drained emotionally and physically due to the trauma you are going through… please take care and do not over do it with work x

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