Loss of my baby 💔

Hey guys,
I am quite new to this and I don’t really talk so this is quite of a big step for me. But April 2020 I had a miscarriage and it tore my whole world apart. The father left me. I spent 5 days in hospital with them poking me with needles and in unbearable pain physically and mentally. A few months passed I met someone else and in august 2020 I became pregnant again and unfortunately I miscarriages in November. I can’t even explain the grief. I just feel numb and lost, I’m so angry at the world! Why is this happening? what is wrong with my body? Everyone just says your time will come but no, my time was supposed to be them times and it was taken away from me! i feel like I have no purpose. I just miss my babies so much and I want them back.

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Dear sabrinajadexo,

So sorry to read that you have lost two babies in one year and are really struggling at the moment. You have taken a brave step by reaching out for support. There have been other posts on this site from women who lost their babies. You can find those posts if you type ‘miscarriage’ in the search button at the top of the page. There is also a charity that offers support after miscarriage and their website has a lot of information this that you may find helpful. Here is the link: https://www.tommys.org/baby-loss-support/miscarriage-information-and-support/support-after-miscarriage
It woud be good if you could talk with someone who has gone through this becasue they will know what you are going through, but if you find talking difficult then it may help to just read other people’s stories. Take care of yourself and try not to loose hope.

I’m so sorry for your loss I can’t possibly imagine what you are going through! I lost my son earlier this year and it was the hardest thing ever so I can’t imagine the pain of that happening twice. Sending you so much love and I will keep you in my prayers. Stay strong and don’t give up hope.
Lots of love
A fellow grieving mother

Hi Sabrinajadexo,
Oh im so sorry sorry for your losses.
Cant imagine what your going through
But please dont give up stay strong and i know easier said than done when your in so much pain
Physically, emotionally
Sending love❤️
I know long time ago for me but i lost my babies
6 1/2months into my pregnancy absoloutely devastated felt part me ripped out died when i lost them both,
It be there 30th next month :dove: :heart:
Take care xx

Hi Sanam
Im so so sorry for the loss of your baby
Life can be so cruel & heartbreaking
I know its really hard
I know ive been there myself
Everyone is different & cant imagine what your going through
I just know its a long hard journey
And gets more bareable through time
Somehow you learn to live with it
As your baby/babies will always be a part of you
They will always be in your heart❤️Forever
Take care
Sending hugs❤️ Strength🙏