Loss of my best friend,soul mate & husband

This is so so hard, I’m struggling facing life without him, I lost my husband last week after battling leukaemia.
I feel empty and so alone,
I have 3 children to younger one age 15yrs and 6yrs.
We are totally devastated I just don’t see a way out of this unbearable pain.
We have been together for 30 years and so so happy I feel cheated of happiness.
I don’t sleep or eat I’m so consumed with unbelievable pain.

Hi Sharon it’s so very hard 3 months since I lost my husband to bowel cancer I have a 26 year old and 24 year old your children are young. Must be awful with younger ones with grieving especially so soon. It’s not long with me I found in early weeks I could not go on still feel like it some days but I have to snap myself out of it thinking I could not put my kids through any more heart ache. I can’t lie as the months go on I feel worst I think it hits home that they have gone. We had been together 36 years. I know everything your going through sorry for your loss. I came on here thinking I can’t read what people are going through but then I feel every one can relate to each other x

Thank you for your kind words, it’s just so very difficult to carry on when there’s so much heartache.
I feel so alone, my family are so supportive but don’t live close to me so I’m isolated. X

I drive my family are in Birmingham I live in Kingsbury Nr Tamworth We went into lock down 2 days after Mick passed now we can do the bubble I started going to see my mom and sisters which has helped but been unbearable the last 2 months. I do think it helps if family can be physically there. Chat anytime x

Hi Kim
We are very close I live Sutton Coldfield, my family live stourbridge which is difficult in these current times.
Thank you for your support x

Not far x Chat anytime I know your pain and hope your children are ok or as ok as they can be x

Dear Sharon
Feel your pain, so sad for. When you had a loving wonderful marriage it makes the grief even harder. Its very early days, just get through one day and not think ahead if you can, not easy , I know.

I lost my first husband after a 31year happy marriage, just when we thought we had lots of time together,with the children grown up. I felt cheated and devastated. I found happiness and remarried t another wonderful man, sadly after 18 happy years, I lost him a New Year. Facing it again has been terribly hard and lockdown, as my family do not live near. So I do understand .
I can say is, it will get easier to cope, but never leave you. There is no time limit on grief and everyone is different. I feel lost, missing my husband so so much, some days are a little better others I’m in bits.
Thinking of you with great understanding, my heart goes out to you.
xx Christina

Thank you!
Every day is a struggle, my little girl is to young to understand really which I’m grateful for.
My son on the other hand is 15yr so he’s really struggling with his emotions and obviously worried for me.
My husband had battled leukaemia since March (19) And he really fought.
He’d received intense chemo and had a stem cell transplant that unfortunately fail, he relapsed after Christmas and was given another drug which put him back in remission, he had been offered a life line with new treatment in London CAR-T therapy but unfortunately the leukaemia took hold before we could start collection of his cells.
I feel very cheated that my life has been taken, he was my world.
I drop of to sleep and wake with such immense pain that my life is empty.
My family aren’t close although have been very supportive but I’m alone, I have friends but they don’t understand my pain how could they ? They still have their husbands/partners.
I know it’s only been a week since his passing but it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever been through and really don’t see away out of it. X

Dear Sharon

You are still reeling from this immense loss, it’s heartbreaking
No one can really understand how deep the pain is, unless they have been through it too. In truth I don’t think I knew what others had been through until I was faced with this . All we want is to have them back, to have the life we had, but it’s been taken from us.
All I can promise you is it will, slowly, get easier to bear, Unbelievable as it may feel right now, There is no time limit and each will find a way of getting through the worse time anyone can suffer, as best we can.
Feel for you Sharon, hope this helps, but right now , nothing really does I think.


Thank you Christina
It’s so hard every day, I feel totally cheated of the life we had planned.
The pain is far beyond anything I thought I’d feel. X

The pain is horrific Sharon, , just keep going best you can ! Hour at a time, then, bit more until you can get a day at a time. You will , please believe this is so early , you are still in shock. XxxChristina
Xxx Christina