Loss of my brother

Hello everyone, sadly my 34yr old brother passed away on December 6th and I’m devastated as are my other siblings and my lovely mum. We only lost our dad in January 2021 he had a heart attack, so not quite 2 years on we’re faced with yet another close family bereavement. Our brother had additional needs and required all care, we have a very close bond as we all helped out, he lived with mum in our family home.

He had a respiratory then cardiac arrest at home and our youngest brother was there to start cpr until the medics arrived, they did get his heart started again and he went into intensive care for two weeks but never regained consciousness, and as a result went into multi organ failure and passed away just before we got back to him. I am a nurse myself and ive tried to put my professional hat on to see if it helps me cope better but in all honesty i dont think it does when it’s our own loved one.

We were with him everyday in hospital and just went home in the evening. The void it has left in all of our lives is huge and it seems hard to look at the future positively right now.

I lie awake at night thinking ‘who will be next’ life can be so unfair at times. We havent got his funeral until the first week in January. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.



Hi Zoe I’m sincerely sorry for your loss it’s sounding hard poor you :heart:, I’m really seriously sorry for your losses you know their looking over you and love you seriousy. I’m sorry Im new to this and I lost my brother this January just gone and my partner this march I don’t know what else to say I’m sorry

Oh I’m so sorry for your losses too, it’s very difficult to comprehend isnt it. I do believe very much in the after life so i know dad and my brother will be together again, and that kind of keeps me going. I am just constantly asking myself…why our family, but when i joined this forum after my dads passing i did find it very helpful in talking to others that are or have goke through similar heart breaks. :heart:

Thank you , I believe their watching over you and yes together , I feel their like Angels on our shoulders guiding us, I hope I can get guidance now too rebuild myself . Thank you

Hi robin,

I lost my brother beginning of Jan, total shock he was in hospital for suspected goal stones they scanned him on the Fri afternoon but was all clear they kept him in on the sat morning he had a respiratory then cardiac arrest, they brought him back but they didn’t know how long he been gone for, they found him.
He was in itu for 4 days but never woke up, the cardiac arrest led to him being brain dead. I’m heart broken we just had his funeral he was only 39.
I lost my dad when he was 41 to a massive attack, I really hope they together. I felt so angry at the time why do my family need to lose another person so cruel.
My story is very similar to yours x