Loss of my Dad

Hi I’m new to the group. I lost my Dad a week ago tomorrow. It was expected but I miss him so much.


My dad passed away a week and half ago, also expected due to advanced lung cancer that spread but doesn’t make it any easier.
I still find it a bit surreal, sometimes thinking that dad is still in hospital or hospice but I know deep down he isn’t here anymore and I miss him so much.
So know that you’re not alone and you can message anyone of us if you need to chat xx

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Im exactly the same. Lost my dad in june this year, totally unexpected, he got shooting pains in his back one night afyer tryibg to get up and couldnt…turns out it was lung cancer after numerous scans and x-rays. Then 2 weeks later found out it was stafe 4 as spread to his bones, then a week later he died. It’s not real? and like me i keep picturing him lying in hospital, expecting him to walk in the house etc.

3 weeks he was in hospital for, so so quick.

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So sorry to hear that it was so quick for you from diagnosis to loss of your dad.
My dad managed to have a bit longer with us.
Had cough in December that wouldn’t go away with top right shoulder/back pain. Numerous GP appointments thinking it was acid reflux or allergies and then dad said he was coughing up a little bit of the red stuff in January so GP ordered an urgent CT scan.
Had to go back to the hospital few days after scan in February with dad and in my heart knew it wasn’t going to be good news as to how quick we were informed to go back.
Lung specialist said my dad had a very big tumour in top right of his lung. Had to do biopsy/PET scan to confirm and was confirmed as stage 3 Lung cancer in March. Unfortunately was inoperable but was eligible for immunotherapy tablets.
However, during the course of the next 3-4 months, he was in and out of hospital with various infections as he was so vulnerable and only managed the take the tablets for a month and half but a lot of the time off the tablets due to side effects and weakness from infections.
Sadly, due to another infection, he was last admitted to hospital in middle of June and by having no treatment for so long, the cancer had spread.
First week of July, we were told it was terminal and that it had spread to his other lung and stomach, second week, we were told it had spread to 5 spots in his brain, third week, we were told that he has a bowel obstruction and most like was cancer so he wouldn’t have long left. He was moved to a hospice for a week and passed away in the last week of July.
Such a horrible and cruel disease.

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Sorry to hear this, its horrible! My dad had infection and infection, in the end it was his bowel…we think the cancer had spread to his bowel, we got that news on Father’s day of all days :disappointed: and that they could operate but he wouldnt survive, he was just too far gone, my dad was stage 4 lung cancer :pleading_face: in that short space of time, horrific.

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Lung cancer is such a cruel disease. It took my dad last week. It was such a shock as naively never considered lung cancer with him never having been a smoker.
He had been in poor health for a long time but wouldn’t go to the drs as he thought we were making a fuss of nothing (this is when we though his breathlessness was linked to his legs/mobility). Finally got him to the drs at end of 2022 and shortly after he was told he had lung cancer and a large tumour on his left lung. We were told it couldn’t be removed though at the start of 2023 he was taken in to have it removed (no idea why the change of decisions) though he was discharged 9th April as he wasn’t strong enough, they said he was down for follow up and optimisation for surgery. He died 4 months to the day he was discharged having received no follow up other than a CT in recent weeks by which point it had grown and spread (we had been told it wasn’t the kind that would spread). I sat with my dad almost 3 weeks ago to be told he had weeks to a few months to live. He didn’t even make 2 weeks. He had a fall, was admitted to hospital and died 5 days later. Despite the terminal diagnosis, it came as a huge shock that it was so soon. I’d seen him 2 days before looking brighter, went to visit 2 days later for a normal visit to arrive and be told he had taken a. bad turn and he died within 2 hours of me arriving. No one prepares you for the nature of this disease being so cruel in the final hours do they x


Hey! I lost my dad 6 weeks ago. It was expected but after a short battle with brain cancer. :broken_heart: I’m here looking for some comfort too, it’s hard to imagine there’s anything that can help the pain. Sending you strength x

Hi there everyone on this chat i really do feel for everyone just starting the roller coaster of grief ,i lost my dad 18 months ago and we were so close,loosing him as affected me in ways i can’t understand. I have tried every kind of counselling but nothing as really worked for me but that doesn’t mean it won’t for you.I am a self employed electrician but the thought of going to work scares me as i feel i dont have the capacity to work safely on electrics at the moment with all this going off in my head,so i rented out my house and moved back in with my mother,this as given me the time and space to grieve at my own pace without the pressure of paying bills.So dont be scared of making changes in your life to help you through this life changing experience, love to everyone :heart:


Hi, I’m kind of in the same boat’, I lost my dad in June only 4 months ago to cancer which we as a family had no idea was so unexpected.

I got my own place a year ago now but have been considering moving back home with my mum as my mum is now on her own :frowning: don’t get me wrong we have both said to each other we need our own space and it’s good to be on our own but I’m still not used to my mum being on her own as my dad lived with her too :frowning:

It would help me out financially as I’m only in part time hours so won’t need to pay the bills if I move back home.

My mum said it’s up to me but I think she really just wants me to stay put as we both enjoy our own space now and again if that makes sense