Loss of my daughter

I lost my daughter on 4th September. She passed Away suddenly and still not sure what happened. We are waiting for an inquest as to what happened. She was 37. A very clever girl with a good job, own house etc. She was my only child who I had young…just 18. I struggle most days as I live alone. I mask it when I’m at work and with other people. I cry every night in bed as I feel so alone. I’ve lost both my parents so now feel I have nothing…my dog helps me alot. I don’t know anyone close who this has happened too so I know you people on here will understand xxx


So sorry for your loss. I can understand why you are so lost. My mom who was only 58 passed away 3 weeks ago unexpectedly. I’m devastated ever since. I am very close to her and she is my everything so it is very difficult for me to keep breathing. I haven’t left my bed, have no desire to eat or drink water. My sister force feeds me. Mother daughter relationship is the purest of all.
I won’t ask you to stay strong because that’s not an option. Couple of things which are helping me
1- knowing that we all are going to die.
2-i have started believing in after life after watching near death experience YouTube videos so I’m Hopeful I’ll reunite with my mumma when I die
3- I spend all day reading posts on this site. It sounds strange but reading about others losses and how they are managing helps me
4- I write everything I say to her in a diary
5- I sit with her picture all day


So very sorry for your loss. I feel your pain. I’m just putting one foot in front of the other and existing. Some days are worse than others. It’s still not over for me as I have no closier

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So sorry Jayne for your loss . You are not alone. We are all here for each other. I lost my daughter last July. I had been told of different sites that would help. We all want the same. It not to have happened. I eventually thought I have to do something or die . I contacted compassionate friends & I am hoping as they’ve all been through the same. It will help sending love & prayers to you . If you need a chat anytime am here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::broken_heart:

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Hi There.my daughter died on 28th May 2021.it was terminal cancerfrom diagnosis to her passing was under 3months .she was 52.this will be my 1st mothers day.and lm dreading it.all the wats appt messages.cause its not just ones children who send them.l feel as if l have lostmyself l dont know who l am anymore.l would not end my life.but feel like they only way for this nightmare to end is if l was not here.although l have grand cjildren and great grandchildrem whom l love and cherish dearly.can anyone tell me how to handle this day.

So sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. Iost mine in July I feel as you do . I donor want to wake up when I go to bed as I long to be with her . How lonely they must be all they’ve left behind. Please reach out to compassionate friends all have lost children. Sending you love & prayers :pray:t2::gift_heart:

Hi Maggie
I feel your pain.as only a mother who has lost her child can feel.its unexplainable.its comi g up to the first anerversary.l really dont know what to expect.except l have made a point of maki g sure that myself and my daughters 3 children are all with me as we were on the day she died.Her wish was to be cremated.and the children have decided that they wNt a specail place for her .so lm organising this at a local cremstorium. Hoping it gives them some comfort.as for me l dont hoestly know what can ever make me feel better.its a year and lm still feeling broken inside.talking on this site does help.and l would encourage it .as l have herd people say things thats exactly how l feel at times and it helps to know lm not going mad .l hope you can find some comfort.and that things become differrent as time passes.cause that is what is happening for me.not getting hetter but differrent.you must try and take care of yourself