Loss of my daughter

I lost my daughter in march this year, she was just 51 and I feeling very down, I have some ok days but mostly not ok days. I feel I am a nuisance to those around me. At this moment in time I cannot see any light at the end of a tunnel.


Hello @Florence11, thank you for reaching out to us. I am sorry for the loss of your daughter - that is devastating. Many of our members have experienced the loss of a child and will understand what you’re going through.

I hope you find the community to be a support. I also wanted to share The Compassionate Friends site with you. They offer support to parents who have lost a child. They have a helpline which is staffed by volunteers who are bereaved parents, which you can call on 0345 123 2304.

Please do keep reaching out, you’re not alone.

Take care,

Thank you so much

Morning Florence I have the same feeling most of the time so you are not alone I lost my youngest daughter in January to breast and liver cancer she was 25 yrs old my heart is totally broken I don’t think il ever live properly again I also lost my 2 nd daughter 36 yrs ago and have never got over that either. They are buried together which is a comfort to me but I wake up each morning and I can’t see no light at the end of the tunnel if feel I can’t breathe sometimes .you arnt a nuisance atall it’s a heartbreaking thing you are going through it feel s like it’s a constant pain in your heart I’ve got constant stomach cramps it’s just awful but please keep coming on here it really does help. Take care luv. Shellyanne XX :heavy_heart_exclamation::two_hearts:


Hello Florence, I think I know how you feel. My darling son died at the beginning of April, so it’s early days for me too. He would have been 50 in July - we would have celebrated. Instead, we visited his grave and wept. He was a fine man, kind and loving, a talented artist. He has left behind a lovely wife and two children who he adored. We are a close and loving family, so we are trying to support each other. My husband died some years ago, so I don’t have him to share my grief.
Yes, it’s hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel and some days are certainly very bad and painful. I find sharing my grief with others on this site is helpful - I feel less alone. I hope it will help you too. We are all just trying to get on with our lives as best as we can.
I live in hope that one day the pain will ease. I hope you have friends or relatives who can support you. You need time, as I do, to process what has happened. The loss of a child is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Take care - Susan J xx

Good morning I feel lost at times like you x we have to go on it although at times it feels we can’t
My thoughts are with you

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Thank you for your lovely words I also lost my husband to cancer a few years ago
Jo-Ann would have been 51 but still my baby my heart will never be the same
I have 2 more daughters and 3 grandchildren so need to be strong for them but when I’m alone I’m heartbroken just feels like I’m alone in my loss even though I know the others are suffering

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I am so glad you have your daughters and grandchildren to keep you going.
I have a son and daughter, both of them loved Oliver dearly and miss him. I try to be brave for them, because I don’t want them to worry about me.
I also have Oli’s lovely wife to support. She is heartbroken. She looked after him until the end, it was very hard for her. Even so, I feel very alone.
I know what you mean when you say Jo-Ann was still your baby. Of course she was. We will never stop being mothers to our lost children. We hold them in our hearts.
I wish you a peaceful night and strength for tomorrow x

Good morning I hope you have a lovely day today I’m going to take 2 of my grandchildren out today for lunch
Take care

That sounds like a nice thing to do. I’m planning to do the same thing tomorrow - I’m going to London to see my daughter-in-law and her two children (boy 13 and girl 10). I hope to take them to lunch. Wish they lived nearer, I don’t like going up to London, but I must see them, they are Oliver’s family and he loved them so much.
Enjoy your day, Florence, I hope it all goes well. x