Loss of my daughter

I lost my beautiful daughter in December to mis diagnosed stage 4 bowell cancer,she had chrones disease,long storey but she was neglected,…i now am bringing up her now 6yr old son.he is beautiful,yesterday we were looking at photos of mummy n oliver,he said ,“this makes me sad as i had fun then” “dont you have fun now” no he said its not the same without mummy,i absolutely broke down,im soo struggling,hes loosing his teeth,it should be.mummy being the tooth fairy,im just broken xxx


I was so sad reading what has happened to your family. It is coming up to the first anniversary of losing my lovely daughter to Ovarian cancer after her brave fight. We thought at one stage she’d beaten it, but sadly it came back with more vigour. We as a family miss her so much. She was only 41. I feel that she had half of her life taken away. Time has passed quickly but it doesn’t seem to have made much difference really. I don’t think I shall ever feel any differently. Sometimes it seems like it was only last week, but everything else in the world keeps going on.

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Bless his little heart,can you say his mother has had a word with the tooth fairy, and maybe put a white feather with the money and say his mother is a angel now.