Loss of my fiancee

So I lost my fiancee 6 months ago today, she was sick for a while and was in hospital for 4 months before we were told she was terminally ill.

During those 4 months she ended up in ICU 3 times and were told to expect her to die. I thought things would get easier but it’s just getting harder, I’ve tried counselling both before she died and after with limited success.

Hi John …I’m so sorry for your lost it’s been just three months for me I’m 37 and have two little ones so to say it’s tough is an understatement …and I’m so worried that’s it’s going to get harder not easier… I asked my doctor about counselling but he said that you have to wait 6 months … All I can say is give this site a real go…I do not now how I would have got through without the friends I have made in here… they are selfless wonderful people who are always there to offer help advice and to listen despite there in pain … themselves. Sounds like u really have had a tough time before and after … there’s always someone here to listen

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Thanks for your kind words Michelle, work paid for my counselling and they will pay for more when (if) the time is right for me.

I’m dreading December because we were due to get married and my fiancee was admitted to hospital for the final time. Twice over the 4 months we were called back into the hospital at short notice, the 1st was to be told she needed an emergency op and only had a 20% chance of survival and the 2nd was after she had a cardiac arrest on the ward.

I came across this site by accident and it seems really good.

Hi john im very sorry for your loss, take things day by day dont plan what you dont have to, your nightmare is still very new.Try have some me time ,a little escape is good because your nightmare will wait for you to return to it .Being told she was terminally ill ,ive no experience of that .But being in ICU i can relate to between 2008 to 2016 my darling Denise was in ICU numerous times also being told Denise was likely to die Colin(im 59 my darling Denise passed 04032016 on her 41st Birthday )

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Oh I’m so sorry …that’s going to be incredibly hard and with Christmas time as well… I don’t think any of us are looking forward to that …it must have been difficult knowing the inevitable and having those horrible scares in-between … my husband was only 36 when he died 3 months ago … I bet u have had all the same comments that I have had . About u will meet someone else u have your life to live … After a few months people expect u to get back to normal …but like u said it’s the dates that loom …like birthdays anniversaries and for u what would have been your wedding…message when ever u like …you will also find you are better offering advice to others even tho you are struggling yourself…

Take care Michelle

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