Loss of my grandad

I lost my grandad over 9weeks ago the pain is hurting so much I wish I saw him. But I never got too. It hurts so much I hid myself away I miss him soo much and want him to come back. I can’t handle the pain any advice would be great

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Vicky, it’s hard when we loss someone special and not being with them makes the whole situation harder. I know you may not believe this but it’s what I think, when we go we are not alone our guardian angel is there helping the person. I have be around people who have been going and they seem so relaxed and sometimes I have seen a smile arrived. It’s the only answer I have and hope it helps. I am a ‘way out person’ with different believes it’s just how I feel. Don’t hid away he would not want you, he would like you to have a good life. I am pleased you have found the site and remember we are all here for you. S xx

Thank you for your response means a lot