Loss of my Grandma

Hello, new to the community and feel this may be a huge help to me and others.

I sadly lost my Grandma to cancer in July 2021, we were very close and it was hard to see her become a healthy active 75yr old to nursing her in the last months of her life.

I’ve reached a point now where I feel I need to seek further support as I’m struggling to come to terms with my loss. I have an overwhelming feeling of wanting to pick up the phone to her or go see her. And feel the guilt of not making the time to do so when work gets busy.

I feel like I’m not only grieving for the loss of something very important in my life but also trying to get use to a new routine where regular visits, calls and texts are not something I can do nor need to do.

I don’t even know where to turn for support. I have an amazing family who have been great but you don’t want to burden them with the sorrow

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