Loss of my husband and friend

I lost my husband in November 2020. I have never felt as many emotions as I did when it happened. We had been married for 56 years. He was ill but he was very strong minded and dealt with everything quietly. I think he was ill with cancer before he was diagnosed. My family are brilliant and do look after me, also I have 4 grandchildren who I adore. The moods I have are really frightening. Some days I think today is ok. Next day is a total collapse my mind and body can’t cope. I don’t let anyone see me like this as that would be more stress. I miss Ken so much life I’m sure will never be the same and it is very difficult to move on. People are kind when they talk to me but it doesn’t help. I think unless you have gone through a bereavement it is hard to understand. I will keep trying to be positive.


It’s it just the worst pain ever. I’m sorry that you find yourself here on this site but glad you have made the connection because it truly helps …… it doesn’t change the circumstances …… but it’s nice to know that you can rant, moan, reminisce or simply just say hi, so you know you are not alone and that we understand

Sending hugs
Dee xx

Thank you it is nice that we are not alone and that we can chat because your right it does help. There must be lots of people out there who don’t have support, and for them it must be very hard.