Loss of my husband

14 months on and I’m still crying most days - lost my husband of 40 years January 2019 - although I felt I was improving slightly and trying to join society again - the Coronavirus has set me so far back - I’m crying constantly and very anxious even though my family are constantly in touch I feel extremely lonely with the lockdown in force - yet feel guilty as there are so many people far worse off than myself - feeling selfish,

Hi Marilyn…like you I recently lost my husband of nearly forty years …and it is encouraging to hear that you had felt you had been slightly improving …but it’s no surprise that this current pandemic has felt it has set you back…my guess is that many feelings you experienced in your early days around your loss have began to resurface emptiness numbness crying anxiety low mood …they are all normal reactions to a abnormal situation we are again finding ourselves in …you are not being selfish what you are feeling is NORMAL …we can get through this …there is no majic cure i know …and trauma does not go away …but life will begin growing again …keep safe …x

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Thank you it’s such a hard time for everyone and I’m sure it will eventually get better someone said to me you must be kind to yourself so let’s all try and follow this advice as hard as it might be

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I guess the question is how can we be kind to ourselves …what might help us do that ?..let’s start a list of posts that we can read through of how others take care or be kind to themselves …

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I think that’s a good idea but I need to think about how to achieve the goal I’ll take a bit of time today -,we’ve all got plenty of time-I’ll reply again when I’ve given the subject some thought- all ideas welcome

Yes I’m the same …my first thought was " i actually dont have a clue what i do to be kind to myself " …so like you and i suspect many more of us will need to dig deep for some ideas …look forward to seeing some posts so we can collate a list for days when we need to be "KIND " to ourselves .

Got my thinking cap on hopefully my brain will not be too addled🤞