Loss of my husband

Ive recently lost my husband to gastric cancer in June He was 44, We had just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in January. He wasn’t just my husband he was my best friend and I miss him so much sometimes the pain of missing him is too much and just trying to be ok when I’m not is even harder cancer is so cruel and to watch someone you love go through it and not be able to take the pain away is heartbreaking

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I am so sad to hear about the death of your husband. You like myself must have married young as he was so young when he died. The pain you feel is the same as we all do you are grieving for the loss of your soulmate and the loss of all of the things you had planned to do together. It is like being cut adrift with no compass and no oars. I have always loved Alice in Wonderland since I was a very young girl. I completely get her now as I feel my life has been turned inside out and everything is contrarywise. It is early days for you and all you can do is go with whatever you are feeling because trying to cope st this stage is sometimes too hard. There are lots of people here who will get what you say instantly without the need to explain because we have all been exactly where you are. Keep posting and people will come and share with you.

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I was 16 my husband was 19 when we married he was my first and only love we have three beautiful children together and I just can’t seem to make sense of what has happened it was only roughly 11 weeks from him being diagnosed to him passing away our lives have been shattered and certain times of the day are worse than others I hate night times because he use to make me feel safe it’s just so lonely without him .


So sorry for your loss i too lost my husband last August and we’d been married for 25 years too he was my soul mate my best friend My HUBBY my everything and still is. I’ll never get over losing my husband. I’m a different person now not dealing with life on my own without him by my side. Trying to find myself but am I looking for me or looking for my husband not sure anymore. Hang on in there if you can that’s all I can say take care

Hi Louise it’s awful isn’t it , I’m laid in bed now I hate this time my mind goes crazy with overthinking and trying to make sense of what’s happened I can’t seem to stop the thoughts in my head of what the illness did to him so many horrible images constantly going round I hope with time it does get better but I hate my life now it will never be the same again .


Staceyd40 I hate my life too. It’s 5 am I’ve just woken up didn’t get to sleep till late. My mind is racing with thoughts of how much has changed and what my life is like now. The day’s are long and lonely nights . I’m glad I found this service where others have been through the same. Sorry my reply is so late i had a bad night and now a early morning i don’t like my life now it’s changed so much

Hi I am so sorry for your loss it is such early days for you. I lost my husband to prostate cancer Nov 2018. He also suffered, and it broke my heart to see him so ill. He was 63 but fit and well as we thought. Cancer is such a cruel disease. We were married 38 years and very happy. I understand everything you are saying it’s the most unimaginable pain when you lose your soul mate. It’s the loneliness I find hard now especially with the lockdown it has been made worse. I don’t think anything prepares you for this new life we are forced to live. I’m still doing a day at a time I can’t think of a future for myself right now. I wish you all the best, it is good to talk to others who know how you feel. Take care x

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Thanks so much this site helps.