Loss of my husband

My dear husband died yesterday morning after fighting long and hard from a rare cancer . He sadly died in terrible pain which none of the pallative care Drs could ontrol despite a massive amount of various drugs . I feel so sad and lost but know now he is at peace and painfree.

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I’m so sorry. I hope you find some peace here. My partner died on the 12/03/21 from covid. It’s a devastating thing to happen. Be kind to yourself

I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your husband to cancer.
It is a consolation to know that he is painfree, hold jnto that thought. Think that he fought it so he could be with you for the love he has for you.
Be proud of a brave husband as he face this horrible illness. I know it is devastating to lost your partner as he is part of yourself. The feelings are so raw, it is a pain you have never felt but embrace his love around you.
Give yoursel a space and time to grieve, dont worry for other people do what you think is better for you and him.
Cry, shout or ask for help dont isolate yourself.
There is a counselling service here in Sue Ryder also cruse has counselling and bereavement message service. Samaritans also can support you
If you need to talk get in touch i am here if you want to talk.
There is a bereavement support payment you can apply for it online or phone, it will take about 2 week to get it if your were married.
Try to eat sleep and drink as you need strengh for the following dsy, weeks and months.

Dear @galactichighway1, my heart goes out to you. I understand what you are experiencing, such a terrible way for your loved one to go. Im really sorry for your loss. I too lost my husband. He had pancreatic, liver cancer. He fought so hard to stay with me for 3 years. Thankfully he didnt suffer too much pain at the end. Its shocking that they were not able to control your husbands pain. You will be suffering from shock, take care God Bless xx Margarita