Loss of my husband

Life after loosing a loved one is so difficult after nearly two years I’m still struggling, miss him so much


Hello Sandra. I only joined up about an hour ago. I lost my husband 10 months ago so I have no advice on how to cope 2 years on but something I can say that is that already, after only a short time scrolling through these messages, it has helped me focus. There are so many of us suffering the same thing in a slightly different way perhaps. Together we should be able to help each other. x


Thank you I agree so many in the same position and I’m sure reading everyone’s stories can help in some way to come to terms with our losses. I know 10 months is still a short time and I understand totally. xxx

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I am 2 years in and still struggle. I have periods when I am fine and then out of nowhere real low lows.

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I’m 16 months in and certainly have bad days x

I lost my husband 2 years last week, my pain is no easier, the lonliness and emptiness is so hard , sending a hug x

Thank you for your reply Christine, life is so very hard for us, I just don’t no how to go forward without him, my life was him, people have moved on with there life, my children don’t mention him any more, it was my second marriage and we didn’t have any together, I feel so alone in my grief and emptiness, my doctor gave me medication to help not sure if it is though, sending hugs to you x

My anazing hubby passed away march this year i cant cope with the days alone and nights are worse im never far from tears my family are so good but i have this big gap in my life now and feel ill never be ‘Nornal’ again

I no how you feel, the emptiness and big gap in our life is unbearable, nights are so long, I try to listen to podcasts to help, not saying it does, people say reading helps, I no we are all going through the pain, have you got any counselling, sending a hug to you

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Hi Sandra, I have just recently joined. I lost my husband 8 months ago. It’s so hard to continue on with him and miss him soo much. It was nice to see your post and I wish you well.

Hi there Eagle1
I have only just joined this site.
Iost my husband 12 months ago on 1st Sept.
The hardest thing is making descisions on my own.
There are so many things that he would just sort out
I miss him so much and the last few weeks I have been very weepy.
I have just spent a week away with friends and family but coming home to an empty house doesnt get any easier.

So sorry for your loss I lost my lovely wife Christine 2years ago life can be so cruel take care X

Hi Kathy. I know exactly what you mean. We suddenly have to make decisions and maybe do little jobs that we haven’t been used to doing. It certainly does take some time to adjust. I’m lucky to have family around me and they say ask for help if you need it but it’s not always practical is it? I never want to impose or be a burden to them and try to get on with things myself. In fact I’ve done things now that I didn’t know I could do. There have been many decisions to make and I do run them by others but ultimately I decide, rightly or wrongly. I’m fortunate too that I have lots of cats to come home to which really does help me; it’s means it’s not quite so empty here. Keep up those trips with family and friends, it will be of benefit in the long run. Remember, you are lonely but you are not alone. Best wishes, Eagle1

Thank you for replys i really appreciate your kind words, I attended a family friends wedding it was so hard to hold the tears back and i felt bad for the rest of the week, i just keep thinking this it now forever and its so hard without Tony its easier to stay home still cry most days and so sorry for you all too ive had a couple of call with a Councillor i finish up in tears big hugs to everyone x