loss of my husband

hi everyone

i joined today lost my 2 nd husband to bone cancer stage2
on 16 dec 2021, life is not te same the hurt ,the loneliness is hell
especially as this guy got my through my first marriage to my ex of being sexually and domestically abuse daily.he was my next door neighbour so a big support when i called the police,
although 15 ago the abuse it stays there the but i’m trying to get rape support etc,
but loseing my 2 nd husband was like loseing your half of your heart it died with him.

my two daughters told me to back off yesterday i’m mentally draining,but i found a lump yesterday,naturally i was worried,contacted drs,urgent gynaecologist appointment for the 4 th if feb,trying to think positive but damn it hard,i’ve no bereavement help at all.

so this is me folks xx


So sorry to hear you are struggling. Life is so hard sometimes. I too have lost a 2nd partner (19th Jan) and I loved him so. We were to get married but sadly, ran out of time. I do hope you have get family support. I know it will never bring him back but cling on to all your happier memories. They will give you strength. Much love x

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thank you chris,

means a lot to speak to someone in same position,i hope u too get help and support you need hun,keep in touch of how your doing if that’s ok with you

take care jenx


Thank you Jen. We are in this together.
Keep strong but also, be kind to yourself.
Chris x

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So sorry for your loss. Your story sounds a bit like mine. I was in an abusive marriage like yours which I managed to get out off after many years and I met the most wonderful kind caring man 11 years ago and he was my rock and soul mate. He died suddenly 2 weeks before Christmas after being discharged from hospital. There were failings in his care which us under investigation. We were together 24/7 and I’m completely broken and so lonely without him. Keep having panic attacks.
Ring Cruse and you can refer for counselling and ask your GP for help.
Everyone on here is in the same situation. Grief is a horrible journey to be on. Hugs xx


Hi Jen. I finally reached out and spoke to a councillor (provided by my place of work). I have spoken with her before when I lost my husband in 2014. She was lovely and just let me ‘blubber’ and re-live my fiancees’ final moments. Being here, I appreciate so many others are suffering as well and we are not alone (although it is very lonely at times) Sending healing hugs xxx

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aww so glad to hear it apologised fir late reply had to havr biopsy on right breast so wait fir results on 29 th march .

i’ll be back once i’m able

take care