Loss of my husband

Hello everyone. I’m a new member on here. I lost my lovely husband in May after him being taken to hospital mid December with Covid. He was there till he passed away from a hospital acquired infection and his time in hospital was horrific for him. Myself and my 2 adult children are struggling badly and are completely traumatised with everything he had to endure. He was 56 and we were together for 35 years. I loved him so much and cannot contemplate my life without him. I feel worse as time goes on. He is a heartbreaking loss to us all.


Hello @SMAC

I’m so sorry for your loss & that you have had to join us. Please know you are not alone. It’s 12 months this week that I lost my 56 year old husband to cancer/covid…it’s just awful… I can feel your pain and sympathise completely.

I really wish I could say something positive for you, but I’m struggling. Take everything at your own pace, one day, one hour at a time and be kind and gentle with yourself as best you can.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster and some days will be better than others…just try and go with it.

You take care & hugs…know that you are not alone. x


Thank you so much for your kind reply. I’m sorry for your loss as well. Life is definitely not fair

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I want to hug you both. When I lost my wonderful man it was sudden and unexpected, but to see someone who was well suddenly struggle has to be so hard. I have a vision of his face just before I lost him, and it was scary. I wouldn’t want anyone to see that, and I am so glad our son was sleeping. You have to find some positive things that your partners would like you to do…challenge yourselves on their behalves, and share the triumphs and setbacks with them. I talk to mine a lot, message, I even dial his mobile…I know a voice message will delete quite quickly, but sometimes it’s a useful place to go

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Oh my dears, im so sorry this happened to you . My hub was in hosp and slipped away unexpectedly ,the trauma is unthinkable. Everyone here is heartbroken. Wow finding a way forward is definately hard. My heart goes out to you ,your family, and everyone on this forum x

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Hello @SuzyTee

All I can say was it was truly awful for me for 18 months. For you, it must be a dreadful shock to lose someone so suddenly, but I guess better for your partner as he did not suffer.

At the moment, if I am vertical, dressed, had some fresh air and done the dishes its a win and that is enough for me for now. With no motivation or energy, depleted by the prolonged emotional
trauma, the simplicity and routine helps get me through.

Although not physically here, I know my husband is always with me. I talk to him.
I even think I am channelling him when I start shouting at the news like he would have done.

It’s an emotional time, as not only is it 12 months since he passed, it would have been our 22 wedding anniversary this week…the emotional rollercoaster is at full speed.

Take care x

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