Loss of my husband

My husband had COPD and had a cardiac arrest while driving 4 months ago, managed to stop the car safely,
He had people given him CPR and we had an ambulance and Air Ambulance arrived
I was blue lighted to the hospital in a police car,
And my husband passed away 2 hours later
Feels like I’m in a bad nightmare, really struggling miss him so much


Aw so sorry for your loss xxx

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Thank you c

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So sorry for this sudden and premature loss. As sudden as my 60 year old husband last April. He was playing football when he began to feel unwell, within two hours he was dead from a coronary embolus.

I know the suddenness of it made it so hard for me to believe it was real for quite some time. It just felt as if he was somewhere else other than home - out teaching driving or in his fields.

I do hope you will find the support you need here. It’s a great community for understanding as we have all lost the love of our lives so have that knowledge of the magnitude of it.

I do find it a bit easier to bear now so hope you will in time too. I have a life, all be it not the one I want but I am functioning on a day to day basis and don’t even cry every day.
Sending love
Karen xxx


Karen F So sorry for your loss deepest sympathy,and Thank you for your kind words ,I have problems sleeping and i visit my husband grave 2 to 3 times a week,
Been struggling ,but do have some good friends ,
Take care Sending a big hug look after yourself xx


Thank you @Susie3021
I have had sleep problems for years but oddly less so now but when I do it is always best to try and distract myself I find. I usually don’t have a screen on after 10pm but if it’s a bad night I find doing a jigsaw on the iPad occupies my mind a bit so I stop over thinking things. Maybe try and find what works to distract your mind.
Hugs xxx

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