Loss of my husband

It’s been 18 months since I lost my husband of 52 years.I seemed to be coping to a point but since Christmas I have felt awful,in fact it feels worse than ever.
I’m sure it will pass but at the moment I really don’t know what to do.
I do have a family who are a big support but they obviously miss their Dad so I try not to keep off loading on to them.

It’s almost a year for me and I feel, like you, that I’m coping up to a point. But I’m easily knocked off balance. It’s hard to describe but anything that disturbs the new normal of my life now tends to set me back and I feel all at sea again. Christmas itself was ok but since then I’ve struggled. I miss my husband of 45 years every single day and, like you, I can’t offload on to my children, with their own grief, their own lives.

Next month will bring the first anniversary of his death and I dread it. I know I will cope outwardly but inwardly is a very different thing.

Thank you for your understanding I’m just hoping things will settle back down .

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Hi Keswood,
It was 12 months last week since I lost my husband of 34 yrs.
I too feel that things have got worse since Christmas, it does feel worse than ever.
Sorry for your loss.
I have very little family, a sister and brother who both live 46 miles away and I only see my sister once every couple of months if that, my brother I haven’t seen or spoken to since the day if the funeral.
I have 3 sons but they don’t come home either, they’re too busy with their own lives.
I suffer badly with agoraphobia and anxiety which means I’m housebound.
I do have friends.
Life is very lonely and empty without my husband and I often feel as if I don’t know where to turn.