Loss of my husband

Lost my husband nearly 2 years ago and it seems to be getting harder to cope with every day. His death was very sudden and totally unexpected

I’ve just lost my husband 3 weeks this Friday and that’s his funeral date I don’t know how I will cope we were together for 50 years and it was a sudden death he died in front of me such a shock I miss him terribly xx

I to lost my husband of nearly 50 years In Feb It’s the worst pain I have ever experienced along with the inability to eat and sleep.Every morning it feel like Groundhog Day The sickly realisation that it’s another day and he’s no longer here Thank God for make up and an ability to put on a face! Then I face the day one day at a time Thank goodness for lovely family and friends They’ve kept me going up to now . I’m grateful to have been with him for so long and loved him so much xx