Loss of my Mum and Dad

Four weeks ago my Mum passed away unexpectedly, we had the call to say she was unwell and 3 hours later she died. One of the hardest things we had to do was tell my Dad. He just did not want to go on, with out the lady he loved so much. He was to frail to attend the funeral and straight after the service we were told by the carers in his nursing home that he was unwell. He didn’t get better and also passed away this week. I have lost both my Mum and dad in four weeks, I am heart broken.
I don’t know how I am going to ever get over this.
I have a very supportive family and siblings but I feel so alone, numb and most of the time find it very hard to do anything. I find myself getting angry about stupid things.
Getting through one funeral was hard enough and now we have to do it again for my dear dad.
I have no idea how life will ever return to anything like normal (not sure I know what that is) or how I will return to work.


Hi @Katie65 I am so sorry for your devastating experience. To lose both parents in such a short space of time is absolutely heartbreaking. These very early days of your grief will feel so heavy and desolate but eventually you’ll find cracks of light amongst the darkness. Somehow you will find the strength to face each day and honour the memories. I lost my Mum last year in January and it has been a rough time trying to adjust to the absence. I think all you can do is literally take each day as it comes, don’t worry about the future. Your job can wait. Give yourself time to process all that has happened because it’s not easy to just push it all to one side. Try to take care of yourself as grief absorbs all your energy and it’s understandable to be very emotional about everything. Keep posting on this forum and reading about other people’s experiences as it helps to normalise what you’re going through. Sending you best wishes, take care xx