Loss of my mum

My mum passed away suddenly on the 5th January this year. I’m a total mess she wasnt just my mum but my best friend. I had the funeral on Monday creamtion. But I’m lost if it wasnt for my daughter I would want to give up. I’m trying to stay strong especially for my dad but not sure how long I can do it for. I feel numb at moment cant explain how I feel properly confused. Dont know what to do.

Hi I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my mum suddenly in October so I understand how you feel. This site is a good place to chat with others that understand. It has definitely helped me just knowing I wasn’t experiencing things on my own. There’s nothing I can say to make this better. It’s truly one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced and I miss my mum everyday. I’m glad you have a daughter, she’ll help without knowing it. Can you talk to your dad about how you feel? I know he’s grieving too, but talking to my dad helped us both. Even when it usually results in us both in tears together.