Loss of my mum

11 weeks ago our world was turned upside when my physically abled mum was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. In that short time we went from having an independent, physically able (playing bowls), was able to drive to visit my step father who had end stage dementia.
In that time I sat with my mum when being told her diagnosis, the prognosis was round 12 weeks. No treatment available.
I had to explain this to her, tell her she couldn’t return home to her little cottage where she spent hours in her garden, her peaceful place.
She was placed in a nursing home where we underwent assessment for help with the placement only to be told she didn’t qualify for help with funding. We were told we’d be paying £1200 per week, all her savings, potentially her home would go for payment of her care. I was angry as I was told she is not ill enough to qualify. Based on the 12 week prognosis my mum lived 11 weeks 5 days.
We lost her 22/7 she chose her time… a call at6.45 to say she was unwell then again at 6.55she had passed away.
Although we knew she was dying the shock of how quick she passed was unimaginable.
To arrive at the home twenty minutes later she was gone.
Prior to mum dying her husband died two weeks earlier.
Life is cruel, and I just wonder how much pain, loss and hurt you can bear
Both parents gone, the feeling of loss overwhelming

Hello, I have just read Neil’s post and his father as been diagnosed with a brain tumour which I find hard to take in.
Life is very cruel and it’s good that we don’t what tomorrow will bring. We lost my husbands parents close together which was hard for us but just what they wanted. I am sorry things are horrible at this time but please remember you are not alone, we are always here for you. Take care and I am sending blessings to you and all your family. S xx

Thank you susie