Loss of my only child

Hi, I am struggling to come to terms with the fact that my teenage daughter, my only child, suddenly passed away earlier this year. My daughter and I were so close, I feel really lost without her and although friends and family have rallied round me, I can’t stop crying, my chest feels heavy and I find it hard to sleep. I am trying to keep going but it is so hard. I am a single parent so the silence in my home now is deafening. I have just returned to work but am finding it hard to focus. I promised my daughter I would live my best life in memory of her but I cannot see a way out of the lonely and desolate place I am currently in. I’d really welcome any support and advice as to how to I can cope with the loss of my child.

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My heart goes out to you and please know that there are people that really care about your grief , they will try and help you cope . Its 5 months today since i lost my only child , my lovely son and its so hard , they say it gets easier and some days i cope better than others , i try to keep busy go for long walks and i have a spot were we have my sons ashes and i go and sit and talk to him all the time , it helps , i find i can not look at his photos with out crying , thats not getting any better and know i have become more reclusive , i know my son would hate to see me grieving like this , so we both need and anyone who has lost a child have to remember them with a smile to help ease the pain and talk about them to anyone who will listen with time the grief will ease

Hi, I’m so sorry to hear you have lost your son. I find it hard to look at photographs too. Music is also a massive trigger for me, hearing songs that we used to listen to or sing to in the car, for example. I promised my daughter that I will live the best life I can to honour her memory but some days it’s just so hard to even get out of bed.

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Hi , Music is a real trigger for me as well , my son had an eclectic taste in music so anything from Bach to Orbital make me freeze, also set times of day when we would chat on the phone or message each other , i tell people not to call me at these times now as for a moment i forget he’s dead and expect to see his name on my phone , its a rotten place for us to be we never expect to outlive our children , we can only support each other with chatting , how the hell we get through this i really don’t know , but try to remember all the happy times , take care of yourself thats so important