Loss of my partner

I have lost my partner a few weeks ago . I am so very heartbroken . My partner was driving a year ago . Her health declined so much - I was her carer 24/7 . We were together for 5 years . My partner died in hospital . I was with her unril she passed . I cant imagine life without her . I feel isolated as I dont know this area I live in very well . I have Sindy ( Lurcher) , which is a comfort . I am trying to get through each day , but I am so low and missing my partner .


Hi I lost my partner 12 weeks ago, first few months were a blur, I drank screamed sat in the window.
But talking to people really helped, every time I felt low I called someone, or family visited. Let people help you and talk about your emotions.
I try to keep myself busy, have gone back to work. Drive to work crying.
It’s hard really hard, still expect h to come back.


@Stephanie62 so sorry a partner is such a difficult loss . I hope you have friends and family to help you . We are always here on this site to talk to anytime


So sorry for your loss and it’s so recent. I lost my husband about 2 months ago and it feels like yesterday. This community really helps me and I only joined a week or two ago. You are brave for joining so quickly. Keep sharing as hopefully it will help.
Take care

Sorry to hear about your loss i lost my beloved in January i still miss him so much . I know what you are going throug😪



It’s hard isn’t it.

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