Loss of my sister

I am struggling so much with the loss of my sister. She just passed away on March 9 2022. My friends and daughters try to help but I feel like the only person who can make me feel better is my sister. I feel so lost and alone without her. My heart hurts more than I can say.

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Hi Gail, sorry for the loss of your sister. I can imagine how difficult the situation is. Even when you have your other loved ones around you, you need that one person only. Nothing else and no one else helps.
Please take one hour at a time and try to write in a diary to her. That helps me a little when I write to my mom.
Take care and please keep posting here. It helps too.

All I do is cry and sit on the sofa. She was my best friend!

Yes, I cry and sit in the bed almost all day. I lost my mom over a month ago. She is my everything. I have no motivation left for this life. I know how you feel.
You are not alone.