Loss of my son and the fight for justice!!

Hi All
So I had my boy taken from me by a driver.
Leon was 14yrs old and on the 6th Sept 2020 Leon was out cycling with a friend he was struck by a car whom had overtaken 2 other vehicles on double white lines, he admitted to ‘rushing to get home’ was arrested on suspicion of death by dangerous driving over a year later I’m still awaiting answers and due to lack of evidence it appears the driver is going to walk away Scott free !!! I am so mad :angry: I will never give up and hopefully one day get justice for Leon. I haven’t been able to grieve properly as I have had to answer and fight for the c.p.s to listen.
Not a day goes by without me thinking about him. Nor do things get easier :confused:

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Neen, I am so sorry for what you have and are going through. I have no words to express how I feel after reading post, it made me feel sick. Once you get behind a wheel of a car you are in charge of a killing machine and to think someone will not have to pay for his crime is unbelievable. My thoughts and blessings are sent to you. S xx

Thank you so much susie for your kind heart felt words xx

We are always here for you. Be kind to yourself. S xxx

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Hey Neen

I am so sorry to hear about your boy Leon. I’m in a similar situation and despairing and in disbelief of treatment by the police. My mother and her friend were killed when a convicted criminal with multiple previous convictions stole a car and ploughed into my mother’s stationary car killing the two of them instantly. The flo is useless, complained 3 times to the Detective Inspector and no further forward. Wish the perpetrator had died too as it feels as if justice won’t be equal to murder. The criminal system in UK is awful xx

It is absolutely disgraceful, soo sorry for your loss. I have also complained but have yet to hear anything back and my complaint was sent in October, there needs to be tougher sentencing and better support from police xxx

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Thank you Neen, I’ll fight every day till my last breath to make sure less people have to go this unnecessary anguish. It’s abhorrent. We can’t even grieve and there’s no moving forward is there ? Not sure if you’ve contacted Brake or Road peace ? There is so little support for the victims both killed and still living through this hell. I was told it would four month wait to have any counselling and I’ve got neurodiverse and mental health conditions. I told my GP and the police it’s there fault I’m at rock bottom xx my dad has got a solicitor to raise a civil case but we have been told it could be up to a year before anything happens xx here for you xx

No there isn’t you are right, I have has very little support I have spoken to Brake and have had some counselling through cruse but it was over the phone so didn’t really feel the benefits as its not the same as in person, my solicitor has put a civil claim in against the police too, I suffer with mental health too so I completely understand what you are going through, I just take each day as it comes and have to carry on for the sake of my 3 other children my 9 Yr old has took it really badly as he was always by Leon’s side, it’s almost as though we are the suspects not victims isn’t it xxx I’m here for you too xxx

So right the counselling is not the same at all as being face to face and there should be funding and zero waiting times. Agree too that we are made to feel like a nuisance and there is virtually no sympathy and police have no skills in how to communicate with the victims. I have to constantly chase them and text and call and repeat myself. I’m on my own in London and partner in Aberdeen who us terminally ill so feel very isolated. Relationship with dad is really fractured as we’re constantly rowing. I’m pleased you have children to keep you going but must be hard too to support them and try and be positive xxx

You must be going through hell. My daughter died tragically and I have been struggling to get any help anywhere unless it’s really expensive. GP is sympathetic but there just aren’t the services out there and they can’t supply services that don’t exist. That the mental health services barely function is very sad and very true. I send you all my best wishes and all my respect for all you are enduring. X

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Thank you for your lovely kind words and I certainly am but determined not to give up without a fight, the services available are very sparse indeed with waiting list longer than people may think, I have a meeting today with victim care and support is there anything like that where u are ?? Xxx

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Yes me too apart from just recently after contacting my m.p they have helped massively and I have victim care and support coming today they came 2 weeks ago and have gone away chasing some answers for me… its soo hard isn’t it ? Have you got anything like these in your location ?? Xx

I contacted my MP too and he called for urgent assistance across all the relevant services. 12 days later they came and did nothing except invite me to use the food bank. Mental Health team agreed I might be suffering trauma and grief but there was no help at all. Some of the agencies that sent out staff who did clearly spent half the time talking about what services I need and the other half telling me how I wasn’t gonna get any services. In fact they made matters worse. I think the welfare system is broken and my experience all too common. Disheartening too… I am behind you 100% for not giving up. I hope you get the help you deserve. X

Thank you nell soo much I really appreciate it and if you want to get in touch you can anytime, the police are trying to say they haven’t recieved my complaint, however I rang my solicitors whilst victim care were here and they recieved it on 20th September 2021. So just a waiting game now xxx

Thank you need. Let’s keep in touch. Hearing you being feisty has done me good. Before my daughter died I was feisty and managed to get my voice heard. The way I was treated by social services was like entering a different reality. Most of them didn’t acknowledge I had recently had a loss. I felt humiliated by others. One small but outstanding moment was whenI was told they could only offer me food bank vouchers and I said I didn’t have a car and I had arthritis. At the meeting they said they would arrange delivery. Within 30 minutes they texted to say no I wasn’t getting a delivery and they suggested I buy myself a shopping trolley like others did! I had made sure they noted that they wd deliver and so they kept it in the notes whilst cancelling it by phone. In the end I got nothing from them at. The kinder ones did go ‘off script’ towards the end and admitted there’s very little at all in the case of money to fund any of the social services. Most of the staff are overworked and unable to provide even basic services. One of them said if I wasn’t happy I could go right ahead and complain through my mp but I should know if I got her suspended it would mean that the next person on the list would have to wait cos she wdnt be replaced. I think that’s how bad it is probably right across the country. I admire you for standing up for right with police, nhs, social services etc. I am so pleased to see you have some strength. You truly deserve big hugs and you’ve got my support. Xxx

Will try MP, picked up mum’s ashes today which was very hard and surreal x I’m in London x the police are dropping off her clothes tomorrow, it’s just horrendous. I contacted victim support twice but no reply. Hope your meeting went well xxx