loss of my son

hi to all , i have joined as i am not coping the same as all of you with losing a child even though he was an adult he was still my baby boy , i lost my son march last year after he was found passed away padlocked in his council flat the council padlocked his flat door without checking inside his body lay there for 8 weeks before police found him , a parents heart isnt made for this kind of pain but it happened and i am trying to cope even though i am still fighting for justice for my son , he was an amazing son he loved his family dearly , he loved life and had plans for the future but he didnt get that far even though social workers and council was aware of his epilepsy and depression they never took what he told them seriously which is sad as they are meant to be able to determine if a person is struggling like social work appointment he had he said he wanted to just go home and end it all her reply was i will phone you in the morning see how you are that to me should of screamed alarm bells but this happened on many occasions they didnt listen and in the end he was found dead padlocked in his council flat , i think medical people and social workers , council ect need to stop seeing a person as a number and see they are a human being and sometimes the help they need is not always spoken in words it is in things they dont say , my son is gone i am still fighting for justice for him and will keep doing so but grief and the pain is overwhelming as you all will no yourselves and i send my thoughts to all who have lost someone its hard and some people just dont see your pain because its not visable but its there every minute of everyday , i will close here as i have just joined but wanted to let all no a little about my situation , take care all

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Hello , Jane i am so so sorry to hear about your darling boy . yes the pain of losing him that way is horrific, no one deserves to go that way … And we are here for you on this site. .
Maddie xx

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hi and thank you so much , it was the most heartbreaking time of my life and i dont no what to do or how to cope with losing him but so many thanks for your message it means a lot xx

Dear Jane

I’m so sorry you’ve lost your son. My son Henry died last October- he was thirty. I miss him every day, I understand the pain. I’ve found ways to manage life but some days are still very difficult. I’m thinking of you and your lovely son.

Big hugs

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thank you and so very sorry to hear about your loss my son was only 32 found 8 weeks later padlocked in his flat by the council my fight with them is ongoing , its the hardest thing i have ever had to get my head wrong and i cant , i miss him so so much , i have constant tearful days , sleepless nights as i am sure everyone does , a parents heart and mind is not made to suffer this kind of pain and my heart goes out to you so very much and my thoughts are with you and i send hugs and many thanks to you and your son who i have to believe are looking over us and keeping us going , god bless take care x

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