Loss of my Son

Hi everyone,I lost my beautiful Son 2 months ago,Liam was hit by a car.He was 23 and it happened 1 week after his birthday.I’m trying to get through every day the best I can .My son was a beautiful boy inside and out and I feel so empty .

Dear Debbie

I’m so sorry you’ve lost your beautiful boy. I know your pain like so many parents on this site.

My son Henry died in October 2019…15 days after his 30th birthday :cry: I had a total breakdown after his death…the shock was overwhelming…the grief was and still can be suffocating…just take each hour at a time… I cope by saying to myself it’s just today I’m not seeing Henry.

I also meditate using Headspace- it’s helps you get your breathing under control.

Your journey is just beginning my friend but you are not alone…we are here walking the path and knowing the despair you feel. You won’t believe me now but overtime you find a way to accommodate your loss…the strength comes from somewhere.

Do you have friends and family supporting you…or other children…

keep in touch with us all as people here are amazing.

I’m sending love and hugs to you.



Hi Debbie, I can only imagine what you are going through just now, my heart goes out to you, hopefully you will get support from this group, sending love and hugs Jude xxx

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How sad to hear your story. A loss under any circumstances is unbearable. Losing your young son as you did is unbelievable sad.
I hope you get some much needed understanding and support from this group. We have all lost in different circumstances but the loss is as painful as the next so we understand and hopefully we can offer you some support.

Please keep posting
Take care

Dee xxx


Thank you for your kind words.I’m so sorry for your loss also.It is absolutely devastating.I have a really good family and a Daughter.My Daughter is also struggling so I try very hard to hide my pain daily from her.Just talking to people that have been through what we have is helping me get through every day

Thank you so much for your kind words❤️

Hi Debbie

I understand you want to be strong for your daughter, bless her after losing her brother.

Don’t be afraid to show your grief though…if it needs to come out then let it…I know how hard that is….it’s exhausting literally. I felt I was going mad at times and even now I struggle to believe it’s all happened…

I suffered terrible anxiety that something would happen to my other son… I don’t know when that stopped but I don’t have it now. So we adapt some how.

Be kind to yourself. So glad you’re not alone.