Loss of my son

I Lost my son 2 years ago when he hung himself. I put on a brave face every day for my husband who is not my sons dad. I feel like i will never get over it i miss him every day


II am so sorry for the loss of your son such a tragic way to lose him ,my heart goes out to you. I lost my son four years ago and the longing to have him back in our family never goes away.
We have just got to try and be strong and be thankful of the love that they gave us.
Thinking of you…Marina xx

Hi, I am sad to read that you lost your son, honestly I can’t imagine how you most feel. My heart goes out to you. May I suggest a couple of web sites that help people in your position.

Both offer support and there are many on here who have lost either sons or daughters.
At present you will be very vulnerable and I do hope that your husband can support you. We all try to put on the brave face but sometimes we need to let go. Read others posts and we are always here for you. S xxx
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