Loss of my son

After losing my son in January suddenly I was heartbroken struggling with the grief he jas an older brother who’s an alcoholic last night police came at 4am saying he made a call he couldn’t cope with death of his brother and wanted take his life after searching all day for him police found him and arrested him for breaking his bail conditions how much heartache can I take x no sympathy for his mental health


Dear Jacci, I’m so sorry you have this to cope with when you are still struggling with your own grief. I can only say we are thinking about you and sending love :heart:. Keep posting, friends here will do their best to support you. Ann xx

Dear Jacci

What a terrible time you are having, please accept my deepest sympathies on the loss of your son. That is a lot to deal with, too much, and still very raw.

Have you any family support or friends who are supporting you? It sounds as if you could do with every day help, even if it’s just a phone call. Do contact our helpline if you need to, https://www.sueryder.org/online-bereavement-counselling
or the Samaritans tel: 116123

The troubles with your older son are sad and have added to your stress, but it sounds as if he’s being kept an eye on, so right now you have to focus on you.

There are some very kind people on here, who have and are, still trying to come to terms with what is happening in their lives, so please keep reading and responding, and let us know how your are doing.

best wishes


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Hello Jacci - so sorry to hear you lost your son and the worry about his brother is a very heavy load for you to bear. I hope that coming on here will help even if only a tiny bit. You will find support and friendship and people in similar circumstances. We all prop one another up when we need it and listen. I wish you some peace, take care of yourself. Xxxx

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Thank you been trying find help today to see what’s going on as he’s adult can’t tell is data protection love my kids no matter how hard they are xxx

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Of course you love them and your loss is not very long ago. It’s very natural that you will worry a lot about your other son cos you want to keep him safe. I hope that tonight you get some sleep, you can’t have got much last night. Sending a hug x