Loss of my soulmate abroad

My wife Mo had health problem’s over many years but she still kept going, I am 77 and she was 73. We have planned an Italian villa holiday with out family two sons and a daughter and sister in law.
I thought we should have a short break to get some sun and had booked a beautiful hotel in Porto Pollensa in Mallorca. We were having a lovely time but On the night of the second last day I found Mo collapsed. I could see she was not alive. The police the ambulance came and took her away. My oldest son started to try and get a flight out. Because of regulations and the easter holiday I have still not got her back, but we hope she will be with us inn 2 days. It has been 2 weeks and I am heartbroken , All the family are grieving and my younger son is staying with me. It feels like my life has stopped, everything around the house reminds me of her she was an artist and created beautiful things.I can see any future

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Hello @Malmo,

I’m so sorry to hear about sudden loss of your wife Mo. It sounds as though this has been such a shock to you and your family.

I’m glad that you’ve been able to share how you are feeling here and I hope that you find the community a good source of support. Everyone here has experienced the loss of a loved one and will understand some of what you are going through.

I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I wanted to share a few Sue Ryder resources with you that may help you right now.

Take good care - you are not alone.


I am so very sorry , I can’t begin to imagine what you are going through.
It is good that you have your son staying with you, it must be a comfort , even though you are both in shock and deep grief.
I hope that your dear Mo will soon be back here, it will be less of a worry for you.
All I can say is to take one day at a time and let your grief and feelings come out.
You have all of her beautiful creations around you and one day they will bring you great comfort. I know whatever anyone says at the moment won’t take your grief away but people do care and there are a lot of kind caring people on here who understand and will support you.
Sending much strength and hugs xx

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Thank you for your thoughts, I just miss her so much

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So sorry for your loss. What an awful shock, a sudden death, i.e not expected, is traumatic when it is out of the blue like this.
In time, hopefully you will find comfort that your lovely Mo passed with all her family around her and on a nice holiday. For now it’s getting through each day, small steps at a time and making sure you have some support. It’s good you have your son with you.
When she is back home with you all it may take some of the shock out of it all but there really are no answers but their are plenty of people here that you can chat with as we all have a connection to the grief you are feeling.


On the second last day of our holiday we went out for an evening meal- The food wasn’t the best we have had but we spent precious time together. I told how much I loved her and how our51 years together was so special.

We went to bed and I woke up at 3am as she had some breathing difficulties, I gave her the tablets and spray she needed and she said it was much better and said “I am OK now you get to sleep”. I woke up an hour later and she wasn’t in bed, I assumed she might have gone to the loo and went to check, I found lion the floor, I am a vet so i knew the she had died . It was a nightmare that i cannot forget.

After 2 weeks she was returned home and we hope to have the church service and cremation within a further 2 weeks. my sons and Daughter in law have been so supportive in spite of their grief.

I just keep thinking that it can t be true a d feel som sad. I see no future without her as she was my soulmate.Maybe time will take the edge ogg I don’ know. I am seeing a therapist next week so I hope that helps. Reading peoples stories you realise you are not alone and that helps.

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The church service and the crematorium went with love and passion, my youngest son spoke about his mum and described her so well with great love. My older son wrote a beautiful poem about his mum, and the tapestry of het life.
Our friends and family all met at our house afterwards.

Today, 2 days after her funeral, I feel totally lost , I felt she was snatched away from me.
I seem to have no purpose but me sons are so good. I could never forget her after 5o years of love, and the usual arguments!

She was so beautiful and so brave getting through with her illnesses - She loved her art and pottery


What a lovely picture of your beloved Mo. She looks such a lovely lady and so happy.
This is a hard time for you now and to be honest whatever anyone says to you it brings very little comfort at this moment in time. Grief has to take it’s course, be kind to yourself and go with your emotions.
Just know that we are all on this journey no one asks to go on and will be here whenever you need support.
It sounds like you have a very supportive family around you, which is good.
Fifty years with your lovely Mo is a lifetime, I was married for forty three years and like you I have spent most of my life with my husband. There is a huge gap that no one else can ever fill.
When I first joined this forum I read a post that said don’t let grief win, such good advice.
I send you strength and a hug xxx

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Since the funeral i have found it very hard, the least thing starts me crying, my sons have been marvellous, but its 5 weeks and i feel this will never end