Loss of my wife

My wife died 10 weeks ago I spent 6 months looking after her at home we were together 30 years very close did everything together.I have her ashes at home I’m really struggling to accept she has passed away and I miss her so much I try my best but I feel so much pain in my heart I wish I had gone first because being left on my own is so heartbreaking

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Hi gsa I am so sorry for your loss I lost my husband 14 weeks ago I can totally agree with how you are feeling talking to others on here has helped me realise we are not alone and ut also helps to know that there are people who really understand x

My wife passed away 2yrs ago we was married 45yrs and I must have looked after her 40 of those years. I’m glad she went first I couldn’t bear to think of her struggling alone. I don’t really know what to think now. This is my third Xmas alone and don’t celebrate it anymore. I have taken up playing guitar again as I did when I met her and I find it takes my mind off her for a while. I bought myself a car that she wouldn’t like and that is my project next summer in between playing guitar. You need something to take your mind off you’re wife for a little while. Not to forget just give your brain something else to think about.