Loss of my wife

Tina my wife been battling leukaemia been in hospital 11 months high an lows to get her blood counts right for stem told on 8.12.23 we pulling the chemo treatment so sorry we tried everything we could we sending you home to spend time with me and the dogs x3 tina lasted to the15 th when she left me xx . I no she in no more pain x going to say good days but more bad just so so lost x


I’m so sorry for the loss of your wife. It sounds like you have been through a long time of her battling and that is bound to be exhausting and adding to your grief. I just won’t to let you know you’re not alone in your pain and sorrow. All of us here feel the same and understand the devastation you’re feeling, every day is difficult x

Thankyou sam going to see if I can get some help not coping to good xx

I’ve just booked myself today for some help also as I don’t feel I am coping and getting worse. I hope for the both of us the help can offer some relief, and we are all always here to share our feelings and grief through the whole process x

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How did you get on got appointment next week can only try

I meant I only made an appointment today but it’s not for today sadly, doctors is a 3 week wait and hoping it’s faster for the greif counselling with this website

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