Loss of my wife

Today would of been our 47th wedding anniversary 17days ago would of been Nessa’s 65th birthday followed 2days later by our son’s 46th birthday, 5th February was our daughter’s 44th birthday,it seems to all be catching up with me today, Tomorrow will be the 10th week of her passing, I went food shopping this morning, I cried all the way home, I just didn’t want to go home,but I have to look after our dog, buy today has really got to me


Thinking of you, @Ronald - please do be gentle with yourself. :blue_heart:

So sorry to hear of your loss, Ronald. It must be so hard when your life partner dies. I am trying to help my Dad go through the same pain. It feels like there is nothing that will make things better some days, doesn’t it? I’m trying to focus on happy memories and doing things that I know would have made Mum proud. I’ve painted a planter and planted it up (Mum loved gardening) so we have a physical thing to focus on (Mum was cremated)
I also think I would find it difficult to get out of bed if I didn’t have the dog to walk and care for.
Nothing I can say can make things better but you are in my thoughts and I am sending positivity and healing your way.

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Thinking of you Ronald its all very tough and heartbreaking for you. Coping with what would have been your 47th wedding anniversary and family birthdays extremely hard and painful too . Some days can really get to you more than others its not easy.