Loss of parents

Mum died in Aug23 Dad Nov 23, I am back at work now and feel somewhat completely alone I know i am not alone, but it feels that way i am having moments of struggles happiness then sadness then i drive home from work and the reality smacks me in the face that i am now without the most important 2 people i have ever known 2 people that i just could talk business or trash with lol, i miss them so very much, i have moments when i let the hurt in of the both of them and it is so intense i shake and am motionless, To understand this is to live it i say to myself so why would i want someone to understand this feeling as they would have to live it is another reason as to why i feel alone.


Thank you for sharing this with us, @Grasshopper7GG. I’m just giving your thread a gentle bump - hopefully someone will be along to offer their support.

Hi @Grasshopper7GG

You’re a bit further along on your grief journey. I lost mum in Nov 23 to cancer after a short illness and Dad in Jan 24 very suddenly. Just 2.5 months between them. I’m so lost without them and I’m not sure how I move forward. The whole thing has been traumatising and I’ve lost my north star in my dear dad. We were ever so close and I can’t bear being without him.

I’m sure in time it will become easier, but I just feel so alone without them. I have my brothers and husband, but no one will ever be so proud of me as them.

It’s very hard this grief journey. I’m totally bereft and just keep crying. I’m in shock still.

I’m sorry we’re both on this journey. Your folks sounded great. Do you have lots of support? Rob

I am sorry for your loss I truly understand, Its like a cycle of emotions ranging from numbness to deep sadness and hurt and tears to some joy when happy memories enter your mind, then it starts over again. I do have support but it still feels somewhat lonely most of the time. The best way to explain my parents and I relationship 8 years they were my Mummy and Daddy, 8 years they were my mum and dad, 16 years they were my bosses and close work mates in a family business everyday and for 17 years my mum was my best friend and my dad was my best mate, and for 7 months i was there carer with 2 family members, The most difficult thing I have to try to overcome is being the last person to be with mum before she passed away and me talking and comforting Dad when he took his last breath as his wish was for it to be only me and him together when he passed away. Time yes is a good thing for recovery most say to me.