Loss of partner of 32yrs

As I have just started I am at a loss about what to chat about on this media


Dear @Eddie5902

Welcome to the Community. You can chat about anything on this forum. Would you like to share some background as to what brought you here (I see the title of your post is Loss of a Partner of 32 years) and I will be able to guide you towards organisations that will be able to support you along with the Community here.

Please feel free to share your feelings with us if you so wish to.

Take care.


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Hello @Eddie5902, I am so sorry about your lose.
I’m 15 months into this grief journey, my husband died with having many health conditions including COPD.
This is a good place to chat and share your worries, sadness and just express how your feeling.
15 months on I still have many sad “I miss you” days and when I’m feel particularly low it’s good to come on this site and chat to others that are feeling the same.
Everyone on here has lost someone very special to them, and they will respond. Just keep talking to us.
Take care
Debbie X


Sorry to hear about your loss I too lost my husband of 32 years just this month .
The pain is unbearable I miss him so much .
Have days where I just sit and cry can’t sleep at night it’s only one week so very raw .
They say in time we will find some relief from the unbearable loss and pain but I can not see this .
I have support from my family and neighbours who have been lovely .
Have you got support do hope so .


You will be able to get through the process of bereavement, I have been to he’ll and back, but still find the resolve to come through it.i still talk to my partner and I find that helpful. I hope that I have given you some support. Regards Eddie [edited by moderator]


I have a few good neighbours who phone me and couple who do me a meal which I very much appreciate .I also have a few social friends so that I can have a chat and a pint. It also helps me to get through the day. Having breathing problems doesn’t help, if I talk about my partner to anybody I get upset and cry,I think it’s quite natural to be upset about the person that you love.