Loss of sibling

I lost my brother a year ago from a massive stroke at the age of 29

Hello, Chloe,
First of all, welcome to this great forum, here, choose how you are feeling you will have support and compassion.
I lost my brother 4 years ago, it was sudden even though we knew that he had an incurable lung condition, not cancer but Idiopathic Pulmanary Fibrosis, we were always very close. We used to speak on the phone at least twice each week. Your brother was so young and I do understand how you are feeling. Six months later, my lifelong friend died, if this wasn’t enough,
my dearest husband died after 59 years of marriage, 6 months ago.
Grief is a terrible emotion, we do believe that the end of the world has come, I wish I could say that you will feel better soon. It takes a long long time to come to terms with losing someone so close to you.
I am so sorry that your brother died, it comes as such a shock.
Take good care of yourself.

Hi Chloe
Firstly I’m so sorry! I also lost my brother at 29. It’s been nearly 9 months now but it feels like yesterday. I’m sure that’s the same for you. Here to support.
All my love

Comfort and peace to you, lost my brother in Jan this year, we were best of friends, he just turned 70 a few weeks earlier. Myself and other brother are doing farm work for him and we are younger. One positive thing is, yes it would have been nice if he had lived on for another few years but at least we are fit and able to help out now. U take care and treasure the memories of ur beloved brother